6 Security Features to Protect Your Windows From Burglars

6 Security Features to Protect Your Windows From Burglars

6 Security Features to Protect Your Windows From Burglars

Reprinted from American Alarm

Ensuring the safety and security of your home is not just about peace of mind; it’s also about creating a space that feels truly secure and protected from potential threats.

Windows are critical points in home and business security that demand our attention. In this article, we’ll cover several effective strategies to fortify your windows against burglars.

From innovative solutions like motion-sensing lights that illuminate the exterior at the slightest movement to the powerful addition of window and door sensors, we’ll explore how these and other features can dramatically enhance your window security.

1. Motion-detection lights and sensors

Motion-detecting lights are a powerful burglar deterrent. These lights are engineered to sense movement, illuminating a property’s exterior when someone approaches.

By casting a spotlight on unexpected activity, motion-activated lights not only startle potential intruders but also alert residents and neighbors to the presence of someone lurking near the windows.

These lights have the added benefit of saving energy since they aren’t on all the time!

2. Window and door sensors

Window and door sensors offer a discreet yet highly effective layer of protection. These compact devices are installed at entry points and function by detecting any unauthorized opening or tampering.

When a window or door is opened unexpectedly, the sensor triggers an alarm system, instantly alerting homeowners and, in many cases, a monitored security service.

This immediate response is crucial in thwarting potential burglars, as the alarm not only scares off the intruder but also draws attention to the attempted breach.

3. Security film

A clear, resilient film can be applied directly to window glass, creating an additional barrier that is tough for intruders to break through.

In the event of an attempted break-in, this film holds the glass together even if it shatters, significantly hindering a burglar’s ability to gain quick entry. This delay not only increases the chance of deterring the intruder but also provides crucial extra time for the authorities to respond.

Beyond its robust security benefits, window security film also offers protection from UV rays and adds an extra layer of insulation to your windows.

4. Glass break sensors

These sensors work by detecting the unique sound frequency of breaking glass. Upon identifying this distinct sound, the sensor immediately triggers your burglar alarm, serving as an early warning system against break-ins.

This alert can deter a burglar in the act while simultaneously notifying property owners of a potential intrusion.

Glass break sensors are commonly used in commercial security installations, particularly for retail spaces.

5. Shatter-resistant glass

This type of glass is specially designed to withstand significant force, making it exceptionally difficult for burglars to break through.

Unlike standard glass, which shatters easily upon impact, shatter-resistant glass absorbs and disperses the energy of blows, often remaining intact even under severe stress.

This resilience not only impedes intruders from gaining quick entry but also sends a clear message to potential intruders that you have a robust security strategy in place.

6. Window Security Screens

These robust screens are constructed from high-strength materials and are designed to fit over your windows without compromising their aesthetic appeal.

The primary function of these screens is to act as a physical barrier, deterring burglars with their tamper-resistant design.

Even in attempts of forced entry, these screens stand firm, preventing intruders from accessing your windows while allowing natural light and air to flow freely into your space.

Screens can also be wired to be integrated into your electronic security system to notify your monitoring center if they’ve been cut to gain entry into your home or business.

Don’t overlook window security

Whether you’re securing your home or a commercial space, window security is paramount. You may not require all the technologies mentioned above, but implementing even one of them will help you fortify your windows against intruders.

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