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Elite Protective Services

Elite Protective Services provides uniformed property patrol, alarm response and guard services to clients in the greater Boston area. Founded in 1982, Elite serves local banks, property managers, corporate and small business, as well as numerous residential accounts totaling over 400 clients. Our local staff of managers and officers strives to provide the best security services possible for each of our client’s specific needs.

Elite’s armed patrol services are customized to fulfill client requests. These entail vehicular or foot patrol tours, removal of unauthorized persons, parking lot and yard inspections, commercial building opening/closing, and computer room checks to name a few. All doors and windows are locked and secured, persons found on site questioned for access and proper identification, every situation is handled and most importantly the client is only called in emergency situations.

Elite’s burglar alarm response services feature prompt arrival – average response time under 13 minutes – a complete interior investigation, customized procedures, reset of your alarm, ability to secure the premise in the event of an actual fire or break in, and a detailed report. The client is only disturbed if requested or in extreme emergencies. Elite will find the problem and put into place a solution all while the client is not on site.

Elite’s guard services are mainly unarmed, uniformed security staff that is available for commercial, residential and industrial properties. Our guards aim to welcome each individual and create a comforting atmosphere while maintaining the clients security standards. Elite can also provide temporary armed guards for specific events like layoffs, construction projects and certain events.

Elite Protective strives to provide the client a custom security package specifically tailored to meet all needs; Immediate response, complete investigations, premises secured, a detailed report and most importantly a good nights sleep!

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