Security News: 3 Signs Your Commercial Security System Needs to Be Upgraded or Checked

Security News: 3 Signs Your Commercial Security System Needs to Be Upgraded or Checked

Security News: 3 Signs Your Commercial Security System Needs to Be Upgraded or Checked

Reprinted from American Alarm

An up to date commercial security system can protect your business from external threats, help you monitor internal processes, and even improve efficiency. But, you shouldn’t expect to simply install a system and walk away.

Your needs will evolve, and your system must evolve with them. Here are a few signs your commercial security system should be evaluated and/or upgraded.

Your business has expanded or changed

Whether you’ve added new employees or increased your square footage, your security system must adapt to accommodate the changes.

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, many organizations switched to remote or hybrid work models. As we emerge from an era of lockdowns and restrictions, you may be welcoming employees back to the office and expanding your team. Or, perhaps, you’re downsizing your commercial space in favor of remote work. Whatever the case, it’s time to evaluate your security system to determine whether it’s meeting your current needs.

It’s no longer addressing your biggest security threats

Your business’s security challenges may have shifted since you first installed your system. Initially, you may have been primarily concerned with monitoring your processes for quality control purposes, but your security strategy may have overlooked other threats or failed to account for crime trends. For instance, if your neighborhood is experiencing increased smash-and-grab burglaries, your security system should account for that.

Choosing the right security partner will help you identify and plan for every eventuality. One of our specialists can help you create a tailored security strategy for your business’s needs and location.

You’re missing out on technological advances

Security technology evolves quickly, and having an up-to-date system will offer better protection and be easier to manage and more efficient. Features like remote monitoring, video analytics, and programmable alerts make it easier to stay on top of security threats.

Video analytics can enable you to track how many customers are in your store at any given time and dispatch additional staff to prevent service bottlenecks. You can also program alerts to notify you if anyone is loitering outside your store or use facial recognition data to track suspicious customers. Other features like glass break sensors and panic buttons are helpful in the event of break-ins or hold-ups.

If your security system isn’t currently using this type of technology, it may be time for an upgrade.

Security needs evolve constantly

Your commercial security system should be evaluated regularly. This can help account for the evolution of technology, your business’s changing needs, and shifting crime trends. An up-to-date system offers better protection and can even improve efficiency within your business.