Security News: How to Secure a Residential Construction Site

Security News: How to Secure a Residential Construction Site

Security News: How to Secure a Residential Construction Site

Reprinted from American Alarm

Residential construction sites are vulnerable to threats like burglary, vandalism, and false injury claims. Whether you’re overseeing a small home renovation or a brand new residential construction project, it’s essential to keep the site secure from unauthorized personnel and closely monitor your construction team. Here are some simple tips for securing your residential construction site.


Monitor the site with video

Video monitoring will make it easy for you to keep track of everything that goes on during your construction project. You can see who is on-site at any given time and audit the behavior of your construction crew members. If an accident occurs, you can use video footage to corroborate accounts of the event for insurance purposes.

American Alarm offers 24-hour video monitoring and enables you to set up video notifications for when motion sensors within your site go off. You can tune into your live video feed from a mobile device at any time, so you always know exactly what is happening on your home renovation site.

Keep the construction area well-lit

Keeping your construction site well-lit will deter criminals and make it easier to capture any activity on camera. Lights will also improve visibility for anyone working on the site. Tripping hazards like extension cords or loose boards will be easier to spot, reducing the risk of accident or injury.

Use remote access controls

Your home renovation project may require the help of several different trades, from carpenters and painters to plumbers, electricians, and beyond. Instead of sharing your home access code with each individual, use your security system’s remote access controls to create timed access codes for construction crew members. You’ll receive notifications on your mobile device when they enter and exit your home, so you’re always aware of who is on your property.

Place a security fence

Trespassers on a construction site could steal tools and supplies, vandalize the property, or injure themselves and attempt to hold you liable. A perimeter fence is a fantastic way to prevent intruders from entering your work zone and protect the site’s contents when nobody is present. You might even use a solid fence to conceal the project from view so outsiders can’t spot your valuables.

No matter the scale of your residential construction project, security should be top of mind. A secure construction site will help prevent injury and theft and limit your liability for any accidents that could occur. If you’re considering an upcoming renovation or remodel project, contact American Alarm for advice on how you can optimize your security system to protect your site during construction.