Security News: Updating Your Security When Someone Moves Out

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Security News: Updating Your Security When Someone Moves Out

Reprinted from American Alarm

When someone you are living with, be it a roommate or a spouse, moves out, security measures should be taken to ensure your safety and the protection of your home and valuables. Even after someone moves out, if they still have access to the premises via a key or entry code, this poses a number of security issues. Even if you trust them fully, there’s still a chance that they might lose the key or somehow compromise the security of your home by accident.

So, here are some ways to update your security after someone you’re living with moves out:


Change the Locks

Once someone moves out, it’s important to change the locks, even if they return their keys. Make sure that you get permission from your landlord if you are renting an apartment or house before you do this. Landlords will usually not object because if there is a theft of resident property, they could be held responsible for failure to provide the means to secure the home, according to Real Property Management.

Update Entry Codes

When a roommate or spouse moves out of the property, you need to take care of all points of entry. If your building or gated community requires a code to access the property, make sure that it is updated. If they aren’t, your former roommate or spouse still has access to your property and home. Go Keyless recommends changing access codes at least twice a year. When you live with other people, you never know who they may give the code to, so changing it regularly can help to ensure your safety.

Home Security System

Your home security system information should be updated anytime someone moves out. Even if you part on amicable terms, you need to consider the safety of yourself and the property. The alarm code should be changed right away, but you also need to contact your security system provider to make sure that your name is the only one on the account. Anyone else with access to the account may be able to make changes and view personal details without your knowledge.

Change Passwords

Don’t forget to update all online passwords when someone moves out. Whether you shared your passwords or not, you want to keep your personal information private online. Sharing a living space with someone means they potentially have access to your online passwords.

According to Exploding Topics, a Harris Poll discovered that 43% of US adults have shared a password with someone. 6% of American adults also admit to having access to a password belonging to a former romantic partner, roommate, or colleague. A former roommate having access to your online passwords puts your identity, finances, security, and more at risk.

Consider your safety when someone moves out, and also update all of your security, both online and off.

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