Security News: Home Security Myths: Debunked

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Security News: Home Security Myths: Debunked

Reprinted from American Alarm

When it comes to home security, it’s important to take action based on facts. While the movies may have taught us all about how burglars operate, the truth is quite different. Let’s debunk some popular home security myths to ensure that you are prepared for the real security risks that exist in the world today.


MYTH #1: Most burglaries occur at night

FACT: The majority of residential robberies occur during the day

The middle of the night might seem like the most opportune time for a home invasion. However, the truth is that 51% of robbers break into homes between 10am and 3pm. This is because burglars want to enter homes they’re sure will be empty. In order to avoid a daytime break in, install a quality home security system with accompanying video surveillance and backup communications.

MYTH #2: Home security systems don’t have that much of an impact against robberies

FACT: Home security systems deter the majority of would-be burglars

Speaking of home security, nearly 33% of would-be robbers will not enter a home if they can see there is a home security system present. This is partially due to the motivation behind the break-in.

Many burglars are not highly trained thieves. This means they would rather target an unprotected home that contains fewer valuables than a highly protected home even if that home contains more cash or valuable items.

MYTH #3: Burglars always use forced entry to gain access to homes

FACT: Burglars look for homes that are easily accessible and don’t require forced entry

To take the previous myth one step further, would-be robbers seek to gain access through the front door more than any other location. This is connected to their desire to find easy access to a home. They will use forced entry if they must, but they would rather find an unlocked door—not a door they have to break through. Always lock your doors at night and add a deadbolt for added protection.

MYTH #4: Most burglaries occur during the winter holiday season 

FACT: The summer months bring the most break-ins

Wintertime may seem like a tantalizing time for robbers to break into homes to steal the many gifts residents have purchased or received. However, it is the summertime that brings the highest likelihood of residential break-ins.

As we learned earlier in this article, burglars tend to target empty homes. Summertime brings many empty homes thanks to vacations, days at the beach, or various day trips. Ensure that your home is protected so you can feel secure all year long whether you’re at home or away.