Security News: How to Know if Your Home Security System Needs to Be Upgraded or Checked

Security News- How to Know if Your Home Security System Needs to Be Upgraded or Checked

Security News: How to Know if Your Home Security System Needs to Be Upgraded or Checked

Reprinted from American Alarm

Between your changing needs and the evolution of technology, you should regularly audit and upgrade your home security system.

Advances in home security technology improve efficiency and functionality by increasing your system’s resilience (so it never goes down), making it easier for you to monitor your home from afar, and offering real-time alerts if anything goes wrong. If you’re unsure whether your system is well-optimized, here are a few signs your home security system needs to be checked and upgraded.

It has never been maintained

Because they rely on technology, security systems require regular software and firmware updates to ensure they are operating effectively. System bugs and outdated software could cause your system to malfunction. Some systems will update automatically, but if you’re unsure if yours has ever been updated, it’s time to investigate further.

The components of your system may also need maintenance. Cameras may become dirty or obstructed, or wires may come loose and compromise your system’s performance. Set a reminder to perform checks a few times a year to ensure everything is functioning normally.

You’ve experienced a lifestyle change

Whether you’ve added a pet to your family, hired a cleaning service, had a baby, or started traveling more, what you need from your security system may have changed. You may need to adjust camera angles, add additional cameras, or program a unique access code so you can tell when your housekeeper comes and goes. American Alarm’s service will be happy to help you reconfigure or optimize your system as needed.

You don’t have remote access

If your existing home security system doesn’t enable remote access, it’s time to upgrade. Remote access allows you to access live camera feeds from your mobile device when you’re away. Whether you’re at the office or on a tropical vacation, you can check in to ensure the housekeeper locked the front door or that a storm hasn’t caused a flood in your basement. This feature is convenient and offers great peace of mind, especially if you’re away from home for extended periods.

Your home security system should be checked and updated regularly as technology advances, and it should be adjusted to fit your current lifestyle.