Security News: The Benefits of Intercom for Visitor Entry Control

Benefits of Intercom for Visitor Entry Control

Security News: The Benefits of Intercom for Visitor Entry Control

Reprinted from American Alarm

Communication interfaces are essential for managing visitor entry in busy workplaces, and modern technology is making it easier than  before. Intercom systems were hard-wired to phone lines in the past, now these communication interfaces function over the internet. As a result, systems are more dynamic and easier to scale, simplifying visitor management for companies of any size. Read on to discover the top benefits of an IP intercom system.


Visitor entry can be managed remotely

According to a study by the Pew Research Center, 41% of Americans work in a hybrid model, meaning they’re out of the office part of the time. That number is expected to increase over the next few years.

In workplaces where a portion of the staff works remotely, an IP intercom system ensures that visitor entry can be seamlessly managed regardless of where employees are located.

Call forwarding ensures entry requests are never missed

Because IP intercoms function over the internet, a great deal of customization is possible. Calls can be directed to particular individuals or call stations based on the organization’s needs at any given time. This ensures calls are handled efficiently in any circumstance.

For instance, in a busy clinic setting, visitor entry calls may be directed to a nursing station. When the clerk manning that station goes on break or leaves their post, calls can be directed elsewhere to ensure nothing is missed while the clerk steps away.

In the same way, calls can be redirected from a fixed phone to a cell phone so visitor entry can be managed even when employees are moving around within a facility or working offsite.

IP intercom can be layered with other systems

IP intercom can be layered with access control and video surveillance systems for more robust security. With this in place, it’s easy to use your video surveillance system to verify who is calling to ensure access is granted only to the appropriate parties.

The bottom line

Efficient visitor access management is essential for providing a positive customer experience and maintaining the safety and security of your employees and your workplace. An IP intercom system is an effective way to bolster security and streamline visitor management, especially when layered with your existing systems.

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