Security News: Three Commercial Office Security Considerations

Security News: Three Commercial Office Security Considerations

Security News: Three Commercial Office Security Considerations

Reprinted from American Alarm

Moving into your first commercial office space is a monumental step and a testament to the growth of your business, but it comes with a new level of responsibility.

Challenges like a growing number of employees, a more complex floor plan, and new property maintenance responsibilities will all influence your approach to security in this new space. Here are some top commercial office security considerations as you move into your new office.

Your security plan should address your top vulnerabilities and concerns

Before you have a security system installed, think through your biggest security challenges and priorities. Do you have valuable inventory, assets, or sensitive records to secure? Is access control a top concern? Do you have tenants to protect?

Security is not one-size-fits-all, and knowing your priorities will help you develop an effective system. A professional systems integrator can help you create a customized plan that speaks to your unique needs and budget.

A security consultant should conduct a walkthrough of your space and make recommendations on the best ways to secure your premises based on your building’s vulnerabilities (such as layout or points of entry).

Security systems can improve employee accountability

The benefits of security systems extend far beyond protecting against burglars. Your system can help reduce the likelihood of internal theft and keep tabs on employee activity within your building.

For instance, an access control system enables you to restrict areas of your commercial space to select individuals. You can see who has accessed certain areas of your building and at what time. Whether you wish to monitor a new employee’s attendance record or keep track of who has access to your inventory room, a system like this is sure to provide peace of mind as your business grows.

You may have new security responsibilities

If you are the owner of your commercial space, you may have more responsibilities than you faced as a tenant. For instance, property owners in New England are responsible for snow removal in parking lots and entrances to facilitate safe access to the building. Abiding by this rule is the best way to prevent slip and fall injuries on your property.

Installing a video surveillance system makes it easy to monitor your building to ensure the snow removal team is upholding their responsibilities. Should a slip and fall accident occur, the video surveillance footage may assist in resolving the issue.