Clear snow and ice

December brings with it a wintery mix of rain, snow, sleet, and ice, which creates icy conditions that pose a safety hazard for guests and delivery people. Keep the driveway and walkways clear of ice and snow so that people don’t slip and fall when visiting your home. Pay extra attention to areas that are prone to runoff from melting ice and snow, which can be slippery, especially if they refreeze.

Minimize fire hazards

According to the National Fire Protection Association, fire departments in the United States respond to an average 790 structure house fires in the month of December related to Christmas decorations, and adding Christmas trees as a variable increases this number.

However, you don’t need to skip decorating for the holidays in order to stay safe, you just need to exercise caution while decorating by minimizing these fire risks. Lights are a safety hazard, but it helps to use the right lights for the right conditions. For example, don’t use indoor lights in outdoor spaces and vice versa. Also, be sure to throw away any lights or extension cords that are frayed or damaged. It’s much safer to use new sets.

Learn more about home fire alarm systems here.

Eliminate safety risks

The holiday season can be hectic, which can cause clutter to develop.  Extra cords from decorations, overly congested spaces from entertaining and decorating, and an increase in foot traffic in and out of your house can all cause safety issues including

  • Items falling and breaking due to foot traffic and congestion
  • Increased candle usage, which can cause a safety hazard
  • Tripping and falling hazards due to the increase in cords, clutter, etc.

Be mindful of clutter and try to minimize it whenever possible. You can also eliminate candle usage all together, or at the very least, always supervise candle usage and never leave them lit when you aren’t in the room.

Maintain proper lighting 

Ensuring that you maintain proper lighting both inside and outside of your home is another essential strategy for this time of year. If you leave the home, you should keep lights inside your house on a timer to give it an occupied appearance. You should also keep outdoor spaces well-lit to discourage intruders from encroaching on your property.

Although the holiday season can be fun, it can also pose some safety risks. These tips will help keep you safe while you celebrate. At American Alarm we are dedicated to residential safety and security. Please get in touch to speak with one of our safety consultants so that we can develop a safety and security plan that is right for you.