Security News – Mobile Security Patrols: 8 Benefits You Can Recognize Right Now

Security News - Mobile Security Patrols- 8 Benefits You Can Recognize Right Now

Security News – Mobile Security Patrols: 8 Benefits You Can Recognize Right Now

Reprinted from Novage

As technology advanced, businesses and organizations started relying on it for their security. From security alarm systems to CCTV cameras, tech-fueled devices have taken over the world of security.

However, these systems cannot beat the effectiveness of real-life security guards. If you wonder what is better, tech-based security systems or mobile security patrols, let us clear your doubts.

Here are some benefits of having security guards for mobile patrolling:

1) Mobility to Cover Multiple Locations

Compared to tech-based security systems like alarm and CCTV systems, security guards on mobile security patrols can cover multiple locations. They move around the premises or area of duty and can reach from point A to point B shortly. So, security guards are a better and reliable option.

Mobile security patrols are crucial for buildings and areas under a constant threat of crimes like a bank. In case of emergencies, there is a need for instant actions in these areas. So, you cannot rely on tech-powered security systems only. A combination of tech security and mobile security is a good solution for these areas.

2) Human Intellect and Presence

Your CCTV cameras and alarm systems cannot take action to stop a crime. While they are a crucial aspect that adds to a building’s security quotient, they are only gadgets and machines.

For taking quick actions when burglars break into a building, human intellect and presence are required. Security guards are well-trained to act fast in emergencies. Also, with security patrol softwarethey can stay well connected and gather up when more force is required.

If you only rely on tech, the crime cannot be stopped. The technology is there to aid investigations and alert people, but they cannot stop crimes from happening. For that, human intervention is required. So, get mobile security patrols for your building or premises to ensure better security.

3) Better Utilization of Technology for Security

As we discussed above, technology can aid the investigation of a crime but cannot stop it. To utilize it effectively, you need mobile patrolling guards deployed around the premises.

For instance, if you have a security system with alarms and it goes off in case of a breach – the security guards can snap into action. They can get inside the premises, find the intruders, and take the required actions to stop the crime.

Similarly, they can push emergency buttons and alert the back office to send help using the security patrol software installed on their phones.

If these guards are deployed in bigger premises, an officer can keep an eye on all the areas with the help of CCTV cameras through live broadcast. If there is a visible commotion in any of the cameras, actions can be taken immediately. The deployed guard can alert the other guards on duty to take suitable action.

4) Visible Security to Evade Crimes

Criminals scan an area before attacking or breaching it. If they find any open spots, they find it easy to go for them. However, when they see uniformed security guards deployed at the gates, they can change their minds.

So, with mobile security patrols, security guards can keep criminals at bay just by being present on duty. They create a sense of fear among criminals and that helps evade crimes.

5) Armed and Prepared Guards

While CCTV cameras give you peace of mind, they are there to keep an eye on your premises. Even if you have the live broadcast from these cameras on mobile phones, tablets, or TVs at home, you still need someone to take immediate action.

You cannot wait to drive to your business premises and catch the criminals on your own because it will take time. For immediate actions, mobile security is required. The guards use security patrol software through which they can be alerted anytime and anywhere.

Even if there are people in the building, a security guard is required to take immediate action in case of break-ins and attacks. These guards are laced with arms and can provide the required security against armed criminals.

6) Cost-Effective

If you install a tech-fueled security system with alarms and security locks, it will cost you a fortune. Such systems provide partial security and cost you a lot of money.

So, if you don’t have the budget for a high-end security system, you can go for a few devices like alarm systems. For added security, you can deploy mobile security patrols and guards for your premises.

These well-trained guards have the adequate training, equipment, and security patrol software to deliver top-notch security services. On top of all the benefits, their services can be utilized at a very reasonable cost. So, you can ensure high-end security within your budget.

7) Avoid Future Threats

Security guards use security patrol software to record data, send alerts, track other guards through GPS and use geofencing. They plan and take actions according to all these factors to mitigate future threats. The data and tracking help them get the right data that drives action.

So, with the right tech at hand and their experience, mobile patrolling guards are the best bet for your security requirements. It is because these guards do not come and sit at the premises to let the time pass. They keep a keen eye on their surroundings, learn about the threats, analyze the available data, and plan strategies to avoid crimes. With these guards at work, you can sleep well at night and be assured that your business and premises are safe.

8) Performance and Data Evaluation

Mobile security patrols are usually a part of a security company and there is a team of supervisors and managers working behind them.

With the help of security patrol software, the supervisors and managers keep track of the data related to the guards. For instance – their time of arriving at duty, time of leaving, locations served, patrolling routes taken, emergency actions taken, etc. can be recorded.  After a month, three months, or six months, their performance can be evaluated based on this data. Thus, the company can take the required action and decide whether to keep, train, promote, or fire the security guards. This way, only the guards with better performance are retained, boosting a security company’s reputation. So, when you hire security guards from these companies, you can rest assured that your safety is in the right hands.

With these points, we can see how mobile security patrols and security patrol software can serve us well. If you run a security company and want to make sure you cover all these points, getting the right tech is as important as getting the right team.

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