Three Top Commercial Security Trends for 2024

security trends for 2024

Three Top Commercial Security Trends for 2024

Reprinted from American Alarm

As we usher in 2024, the commercial security landscape is shifting, driven by leaps in technology. We anticipate that business will embrace technological advancements that allow them to streamline security management while providing more robust protection for their data, assets, and people.

Below we’ll dig into the top trends we expect to see within the commercial security industry in 2024.


Embracing mobile access control

One of the biggest shifts we expect in 2024 is that more and more organizations move to mobile access control. A mobile credential enables individuals to use their phone to scan into a secured area, eliminating the need for keycards or fobs. It also offers enhanced security because it cannot be transferred from one person to another like a fob or card.

Since almost everyone these days carries a smartphone, mobile access control offers a streamlined end-to-end experience. Credentials can be granted and revoked remotely, making it easy for organizations to keep permissions up-to-date.

A shift toward cloud-based security systems

We expect to see a continued move toward cloud-based security systems throughout 2024. Cloud-based systems are both flexible and scalable, making them an appealing choice for growing organizations. They can be monitored remotely and offer data redundancy, so there’s no need to worry if there’s damage to physical equipment– data is safely stored on the cloud.

Cloud-based systems also offer a lower total cost of ownership because there is less physical infrastructure to maintain. This makes them an appealing option for many companies.

An increase in AI enhancements

AI was a big topic in many industries in 2023, and we expect to continue seeing AI enhancements in the security industry in 2024.

Many security cameras already offer an array of AI features that help make security monitoring more efficient. This includes camera analytics like heat sensing, license plate recognition (LPR), and facial recognition. Some cameras can also detect behavior analytics like loitering or picking up items.

We expect to see these features become more commonplace as technology advances and we imagine more and more businesses will look for ways to use them to support their security strategy.

Keep an eye on evolving security tech

Tech moves swiftly, and while it’s not necessary to chase every new advancement, periodic security upgrades are crucial. By embracing industry-standard features and technologies, businesses can stay competitive and secure without being left behind. Staying informed and selectively updating your security infrastructure ensures you’re always a step ahead in this ever-changing landscape.

If it’s been a while since your last upgrade, reach out to your security partner to discuss auditing your business’ security system and look for areas that can be streamlined or refreshed.

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