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Job Opening: Armed Patrol Officers – Part Time Weekends 2nd Shift

We are currently seeking a PART-TIME ARMED PATROL OFFICER (16 HRS) for the Greater-Boston Area. This armed security position is for SATURDAYS & SUNDAYS 2nd shift (430pm-1230am). read more →

10 Home Security Myths Are Busted

We all have things we believe to be true because we’ve heard it from a friend or we’ve just never taken the time to find out for ourselves. read more →

9 Holiday Safety Tips To Keep Your Home Safe & Secure

The holiday season is in full swing. For most of us, that means increased charity and giving. Thieves, however, view the holiday season as an increased opportunity to take and steal. read more →

Have a peaceful holiday season with EPS

Let us take extra care of your home or business during the upcoming holidays while you relax with your family and friends. read more →

Top 5 Locations for Your Home Security Cameras

As an integrated part of your home security system, affordable video surveillance cameras offer you another line of defense against crime. read more →

Hiring A Security Guard? Here’s What You Need To Know

When it comes to the protection of your property, whether that property is your personal home or a business you’ve built from the ground up, the hiring of a security guard is a big step to be taking. But just giving a security guard the keys to your property isn’t enough. In order to ensure that your property is being fully protected, you need to know the ins and outs of hiring a security firm to keep watch when you cannot. read more →

Protecting Vacant Property

In many ways a vacant property is more susceptible to property damage, criminal activity and insurance claims. There are several dangers associated with vacant buildings. It is important to understand these dangers and take immediate steps to prevent them. read more →


Recent surveys conducted by ASIS International, iView Systems, and the Institute of Finance and Management showed a solid growth rate in overall private security spending, with $341 billion in 2014 and a projected $377 billion in 2015. read more →

Managers: 7 Tips For Contentious Employee Terminations

Know your options for safety by conducting a treat assessment prior to any termination. Elite Protective Services is always available to provide physical security if there is any concern about safety. read more →

When Electronic Access Control Isn’t Enough

Electronic access control (EAC) isn’t always enough to protect the vulnerable assets of a business. read more →